Hawai'i Trip 2003: Oahu to Kona

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APRIL 14: Our third day in Oahu... We were told to get to Hanauma Bay early, as the place closes after the parking lot fills. We got there at 9:30 am, but it was too late. Jenni had planned to snorkeling by herself and take the bus back to the hotel, while Tony and Larry were going to go to Pearl Harbor. Since it was closed, we decided to go to Ala Moana Shopping Center to show Larry the Food Court. Tony & Larry ate chinese food at Patty's and Jenni was craving for salad and veggie lasagna after all the plate lunches.

We split up from there. Jenni walked to the Ala Moana Beach Park and stayed an hour or so. No waves, too windy, and a weird vibe, so she hopped a bus down Waikiki. She saw a beautiful blue beach, got off the bus, and swam in the ocean, dancing in the waves, near the Sheraton Surfrider Hotel. It was crowded, but she loved it. It figures that the best beaches have tourist hotels on them. She didn't take any pictures, but click here for some great ones from this area from Aiyah's trip to Oahu. When she finished, she realized that the beach she was at was only a few blocks from where we were staying.
In the meantime, Tony and Larry went to Pearl Harbor and went on the Arizona. We all met up at the end of the day and went to Pagoda, the Asian buffet we had heard about. Jenni actually saw Nob, her dad's friend there. Kind of reminded us of the California Hotel in Las Vegas, where you see JA's that you know. (Our friend Evelyn who told us about this place, had seen LA and Hawai'i friends there when she went.)

Tony and Larry were once again in food heaven. They love buffets, especially ones where they serve crab legs and prime rib. Jenni ate macaroni salad, sushi and friend tempura, until she got food poisoning (on the street in front of the restaurant). Sickness aside, we loved the 50s architecture, floating pagoda, koi pond and waterfall. It's also got a hotel that is supposedly pretty cheap by Oahu standards.
APRIL 15: Travel Day to Kona. Packed up, checked out of our hotel/condo and went to the Times Market to get spam musubi, and stopped at Zippy's for a quick lunch. Ugg... somehow we thought it was a coffee shop, but it's actually just crappy fast food. Although Joann had told us that not all Zippy's were the same. We got lost on the way to the airport and really cut it close. We said goodbye to Larry, who was heading home, and then got on our flight to Kona on the Big Island. It was a quick half hour flight, but the secrurity was really tight. We rented a car, and drove to Jackie and Brent's new house on the Kona side. It is beautiful. They have a terrific, newly renovated house and almost 7 acres of land a few miles above the ocean. We got a tour of the house, hung out, had shrimp scampi, broccoli and cucumber salad for dinner and visited with Jackie, Brent, and Auntie Taka, who flew in that night. We had fun just sitting around and catching up.
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Here we are in our new room at Jackie's, the room is probably 3-4 times larger than our room at the Waikiki Aston. This is our sunset from the first night on Kona, taken from the patio of Jackie's backyard, where we had dinner [NEXT].

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