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Hawaii 2003
For Tony's spring break in April 2003, we went to Hawai'i. For the first part of the trip, we went to Oahu with Tony's dad, and the second half we stayed with Jenni's cousin on the Big Island. The trip was about relaxing, visiting friends and family.

April 12: Onolicious!
April 13: Visiting South Oahu
April 13: Visiting North Oahu

April 14-15: Oahu to Kona
April 16: Relaxing in Kona
April 17: Visiting Waipio
April 18: Last Day in Kona


In 2000, Jenni and Tony traveled to Detroit for the first time together to help design a mural with Detroit Summer. Invited by long-time activist Grace Lee Boggs, the trip opened up new ideas combining community, art, activism with gardening. In a way, it was an extension of some things we had been doing in Los Angeles. It also brought Jenni's work with Great Leap to Detroit. In August 2002, Tony, Nobuko & Jenni were in Detroit for the first annual Harvest Celebration. Here are some articles Jenni's written about her trips to Detroit.

Obon in Detroit
Connecting Gerald and Grandma
Crack House to Hay House: My (Detroit) Summer Vacation

Fishing Trip 2002
Fishing at Green Creek with Tony and his dad Larry.

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In August 2001, we went to Cuba to celebrate Obon with Cuban Japanese, and to learn more about how Cuban society works. There we also saw examples of organic farming, alternative medicine, and community development. Jenni wrote two articles about the trip to Cuba. Photos to come.

FAQs About Cuba From a Sansei
Obon en Cuba--My Summer Vacation

In October 1996, Jenni took her second trip to Japan with her parents, aunties and uncles, 9 relatives in all and visited 6 of her great grandparents' graves. Traveled to the small fishing village where Grandma Kuida was raised in Wakayama, to a rice farm at the edge of a bamboo forest in the mountains of Okayayama, to the site of Grandpa Kuida's former home. Had tea in the 300 year old house where Grandma Okazaki was raised. Met 2nd, 3rd and 4th cousins and documented the entire trip. The trip was a dream-come-true for Auntie Kumi, who turned 65 years old, and hadn't been to Japan in over 30 years. Photos to come. Click below for poetry and words of wisdom from Uncle Fumio.

If You Know Where You Came From, Then You Know Where You're Going

Moses Lake
The Osumi side of the family lives in Moses Lake. See photos from Jenni's first trip to Moses Lake to visit Tony's relatives in Washington.

Jenni and Tony will someday post photos and stuff from these and other trips they've taken.

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