Grandma Chie's Mac N Cheese

"If packaged macaroni and cheese isn’t your style, then Grandma’s homemade recipe might be the way to go. What’s nice is that you can prepare everything beforehand and then pop it into the oven just before dinner. This is one of my dad, Larry’s favorites. As much as we all try to make it like Grandma, it never tastes as good as hers." – Tony Osumi


12-ounce package large elbow macaroni
8-ounce diced cheddar cheese
1 package hot dogs
1 cup of milk (sometimes mixed with teaspoon of cornstarch)
salt and pepper


Slice hotdogs, dice cheese and combine with cooked pasta. Cook at 350 degrees for about 1 1/2 hours covered with foil in large Pyrex bowl. Add milk during last 1/2 hour and remove foil to brown top. Grandma Chie served oven-cook sliced tomatoes on the side.

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Updated: 12/22/02