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The following recipes were collected during the early 1990s when I was recording oral histories with members of the family. These are some of our family favorites from Grandma Chie’s collection. Not included is her special fried chicken. The secret: fry the chicken in half oil and half butter. Even Grandma considered it her best dish. And she is still the only person I know who made flank steak tempura for New Years. It would melt in your mouth. But all great cooks also need a great eater. This is where Grandpa Yoshio came in. According to my Uncle Bill:

"He liked Japanese stuff. He would eat the whole box of manju if you let him. Grandma would stop him. He always felt he never got enough Japanese food, so when he got it he would eat the whole thing… Grandpa was such a slow eater he was always the last one there. He would sit there and eat all night long if you let him."

Enjoy the dishes and make them your own. They’re simple, but with the right touch, delicious. If you ever had dinner with Grandma in the kitchen and Grandpa finishing up with his ochazuke, you know what I mean.

Conversation with Grandma Chie:

Tony: How long do you put the lamb chops in?
Grandma Chie: Till they’re done.
Tony: How long does that take?
Grandma Chie: I can’t tell, you have to look at it yourself.
Tony: Okay, then what degree temperature?
Grandma Chie: Broiler is a broiler.
Tony: Then just on. It doesn’t have a temperature? So when they’re done, about 20 minutes, 30 minutes?
Grandma Chie: You can open the oven and look at it.
Tony: OK. So you don’t have an answer for me. (laughter)
Grandma Chie: Nooo.

--Tony Osumi

Tony's Recipes

Rib Roast (Prime Rib)
Bacon Fried Rice
Grandma's Chicken Stew
Grandma Chie's Macaroni & Cheese
Uncle Bill's Apple Pie

Jenni's Recipes

Tsubushian Shortbread - Hazel Taniguchi
Mung Bean Dal
Rainbow Jello
Somen Salad
Thai Larb


Aunt Vicky's Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake
Mochi & Blueberry Mochi from Auntie Yo
Seigi Tamale-Making Party Pictures
Oshogatsu - New Year's 2001
Oshogatsu - New Year's 2003

Hole in the Wall/Foodie Joints

The Talpa - Pico Blvd. between Bundy and Barrington
Alejo's Trattoria - Lincoln/Washington
Alejo's - Lincoln/Manchester
Killer Shrimp - Marina del Rey
Venus of Venice -vegetarian
Hop Li - Chinatown, West LA, Marina

Recipe Blog

So Tony is the cook at the kuidaosumi house. Jenni, the one who rarely cooks has contributed on the Full Bellies Recipe Blog. It's got a lot of healthy and vegan dishes.

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