Detroit Chinatown Mural
Summer 2003

Step 1. Envisioning a Mural. What message do we want to project? What images are important? What are some of the themes of the community?
Step 2. Prepping the Wall. Scrape the wall. Primer the wall. This is the before photo.
Step 3. Building painted. For several days, we painted the building, then decided to do the mural on wood panels.
Step 4. Design Completed. Click image for detail.
Detroit Chinatown Mural
Step 5. Painting begins. Mural while in progress. Painting by Detroit Summer, GEIU students from U of M, and others.
Welcome Chinatown sign is still visible at Peterboro and Cass.
Mrs. Lily Chin holds photo of her son Vincent Chin who was beaten to death by auto workers (who did not serve jail time) 20 years ago.
Paradise Valley and Black Bottom are communities pushed out by the 75 Freeway and the 10 Freeway.
The community campaign "It's Not Fair" "We Want Justice for Vincent Chin" is augmented by current day issues.
Storefronts on Peterboro, include a Chinese youth center, a pet store and visions for a Vincent Chin museum. MLK's famous "I Have a Dream" speech was first made in Detroit, a block away on Warren, 40 years ago.

We were invited to help design a mural in Detroit's Chinatown with Detroit Summer. We helped in the beautification project to paint the two buildings that comprise the current Chinatown. Click here for the brochure by the Detroit Chinatown Revitalization Group which explains the process and meaning behind the images. See my July 4 & 5 Blogs for photos of our time in Detroit.

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