Little Tokyo Mural
September 2004

Little Tokyo Mural Design - Color Comp
Nancy, Project Director doing prep work on the wood panels
Tracing is transfering the design from overhead projector with pencils and a steady hand
Gessoing the wood panels is first step
Blue-lining is painting the outlines like a coloring book
Setting up the wood panels with site coordinators
Mural site coordinators home base for volunteers
Sergio & Diego work together on the first public painting day
Three generations painting yellow pants
Sergio & Jorge's 3 year old nephew, youngest painter so far!
Stephanie helps with the border
Rimban George lends a hand
End of the first painting day - got some base paint on the bottom 10 panels

September 2004: Prior to the first painting day, there was writing of grants by Nancy at Little Tokyo Service Center (Spring 2003), community input meetings (Summer/Fall 2003), design of the image (July 2004), approval from the City (August 2004), prepping the wood panels with a gesso (base coat), drawing two foot chalk lines on the wood, transferring the design onto wood panels with an overhead projector, painting the outline in blue paint, transporting the panels, paint supplies, volunteer sign-in sheets, and snacks to the mural site in Little Tokyo (Central Avenue/First Street) each day. These images are from the first month of prepping the wood through the first public painting day.

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