Little Tokyo Mural
October 2004

Little Tokyo Mural Design
Nancy gives history of LT mural to everyone who comes to help
Steve from NCRR adds his touch to the martial arts girl
Nisei Grandpa supervises painting progress!
Mr. Nakamura and his beautiful handiwork
Danika and Chris paint the shoes of the Sansei obon dancer
A JET alumni paints the leg of the historic produce market girl
phloe paints Naomi, the 70's Yonsei from the Day of Remembrance image
Jorge, Kei, Noelle and others help with brush cleanup detail
Eddie is a longtime local resident and beloved photographer of J-town
Lower 10 panels after the 5th public painting day

October 2004: Making real progress after just 5 public painting days. Most of the mural has been covered. All images taken on October 10.

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Updated: 10/11/04