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"Little Tokyo" mural, Fall 2004: In Progress
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Education for All, Educacion Para Todos
Foshay 1998
Erase the Colorline
Foshay 1996
"Detroit Summer 2003" mural design in Chinatown, Detroit, Michigan, 2003
"Detroit Summer 2000" mural in Cass Corridor Detroit, Michigan, 2000
"Aloha to the Neighborhood" mural at Aloha Grocery, Venice-Culver, 1998-2000
"Education for All, Educacion Para Todos" mural at Foshay Learning Center, 1998
"Erase the Colorline" mural at Foshay Learning Center, 1996
"The Americas" mural at La Ballona Elementary School, 1994
"Remember Your Roots" mural with Darryl Mar in Koreatown, 1993-1994
"Art for People's Sake" mural with Darryl Mar at UC Riverside, 1993-1994

how to make...

Mural Making Guide for K-12 Teachers

Save Little Tokyo
Manzanar Pilgrimage 2003
Memory Candles

Stay tuned for more photos and thought processes on each mural, as well as Tony's master's thesis, "The UC Riverside Mural: Art for People's Sake."

Unfortunately Tony and Daryl Mar's mural, "Remember Your Roots" in Koreatown, commissioned by SPARC was painted over a few years ago. Another photo link.

To contact Tony about murals or other community art projects, contact kuidaosumi[at]yahoo[dot]com.

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