Maiya's Album - September 2005
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September 2005

September's First Fotos! Here I am at 7 months old.

Messy girl enjoys her organic peas and brown rice food
First time having breakfast at Teddy's with Letty & Juana
First time standing--2 seconds later she fell down with a twist
First time using the new carseat
First time at Ikea--waving her arm and twisting her wrists is new
First visit to Plant Depot in San Juan Capistrano--enjoying the koi fish pond with cousin Jackie
First time standing in the crib
First time crawling under the chair
First time interacting with
the bear grandma made
First time playing with cousin Kaylee since she can sit up
First NCRR fundraiser--posing with Rei, the watercolor artist
Visiting with Alyce, Sayoko and Baby Hana (3 weeks younger)

I Love Smiling for the Camera!

Maiya's 7-Month Blog:

I got 3 teeth this month, and they really hurt when they were coming in. I love to explore. Mama tells me "No, Maiya" all day long, but I am learning so much. Mama won't let me play with the DVD player, pull electric cords, eat paper, climb on the couch, pull the window shades, crawl on the nightstand, as much as I try. Mama seems more cautious with me since I fell out of the crib and landed on my back. I love to fall asleep in Daddy's arms. He makes funny faces at me and makes me laugh.

I went to work at Great Leap a lot this month, once or twice a week. I used to go there and sleep the whole time, but now I like to play on the conference room table or play with toys on the floor. That's it for September, catch me if you can!

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