Maiya's Album - July 2005
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July 2005

July's First Fotos! Here I am at 5 months old.
Just hanging out on a warm summer day on my Boppy
First visit from my friend Olivia and her parents Steph and Sergio
First visit from Mama's childhood friends Jackie and Maria
First time visiting Marlon, Hiroko and 2nd cousin Akira in Hollywood
First time painting with Daddy on the Little Tokyo mural in backyard
Jes' chillin' like a villain
in my new Maclaren stroller!
My Mama giving me a kiss
in the backyard!
I love my daddy, he's so funny!
First time I went to Luke's hip-hop show at Barnsdall
Playing with Kai, Miya, Lisa, Lauryn, Marissa, Lily, Mary
Napping in yukata (summer robe) made by Great Grandma Kuida

It's Time for Obon Odori!
My friend Sam with his parents Rich and Joyce at Senshin Obon
Me and Nobuko dancing ... she was there when I was born!
Family photo with Mama and Daddy at dusk. We're honoring our ancestors at obon.
Me and Daddy watching the dancers at the Venice Obon
Great Aunt Janice and Cousin Tina near the bingo booth!
Here I am in my Okinawan taiko hapi coat with Carrie, Ayako and Kathy at the Higashi Obon
First time to the Lake with Auntie Gayle's Family
Hot in the house with Mama, Auntie Gayle and cousin Kaylee
It must be 105 degrees! Here I am with Grandpa on the deck
Went on my first boat ride today!
My 4 year old cousin Kieth
went waterskiing!
First time swimming in the
lake with Mama
Napping with Grandma on the dock after a fun day in the lake

Maiya's 5-Month Blog:

This was a busy month. I went to 3 obons (Senshin, Venice Hongwanji and Higashi). I went to Great Leap with Mama once a week, mostly for strategic planning meetings. Daddy was very, very busy trying to finish the mural at home this month--he worked on it day and night, really! Daddy bought a little Hibachi grill, so we spent a lot of time in the backyard this month. I went to swim class twice a week and Childwatch when Mama and Daddy went to workout at the Y. I went to a J-town Voice event in Little Tokyo, and to the opening of the Big Drum taiko exhibit at JANM. I also went on my first vacation to Lake Nacimiento with Mama, Grandma and Grandpa Kuida. The weirdest thing this month is that when I was at the lake, I got a tick in my ear!

I'm waking up once or twice a night... it's not a big deal since we all sleep in a family bed. I've outgrown the co-sleeper since I'm turning over a lot. The hard thing for Mama this month is that I've been biting her a lot when I nurse, so she's been pumping. I'm babbling a lot, saying "da-da dah," and I love to sing!

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