Maiya's Album - May 2005
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May 2005

May's First Fotos! Here I am at 3 months old.

First May Day Seder
at Workman's Circle with Daddy
First time at Zip Fusion Sushi
and lunch with Nona
First Pix with Grandma, Grandpa and all my cousins & First Birthday Party (Kieth's 4th/Kaylee's 1st)
First time doing and being laundry.
First visit from Maria (mommy's best friend since high school) and her daughter Hope
First time talking with
my friend, the giraffe
Matching outfits with Mommy on her first Mother's Day
First time doing yoga with Mommy and sitting with support!
I love smiling for the camera!

Bonding with Mommy & Daddy

Maiya's 3-Month Blog:

On May 6, I weighed 13 pounds, 10 ounces (total gain of almost 5 pounds in 3 months). During this month, I started standing with help, found my thumbs and toes, and even rolled over once. I can lift up my head and rest on my elbows. I sleep about 7-10 hours at a time, although I sometimes don't go to sleep until after midnight. I'm often fussy in the evenings, but I wake up with a smile on my face in the mornings. I am starting to not enjoy being in the car, and I like to be held almost all the time. Me and mommy go for a lot of afternoon walks in the Baby Bjorn carrier, the stroller, and I'm starting to like the Ma(i)ya wrap sling more and more.

Daddy went to Santa Cruz for 3 days in the middle of May. We visited with lots of people this month like Great Auntie Keiko, Nona, Mike, Laura & Amani, Lianne, Maria, Hope, Roxane, Auntie Gayle, Lily, Grandma & Grandpa, Great Uncle Bill, Letty & Paul. I went to the Workmans Circle for a community Passover Seder, my first VC Film Festival and JACCC Hawaiian Mother's Day, Kieth and Kaylee's birthday party, the Ayala's 40th anniversary lunch, the Judy Ota Fund for Little Tokyo Service Center CDC, Hector's birthday dinner, and my first trip to Crestline to visit Grandpa Larry. It was a fun and busy month!

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