Maiya's Album - November 2005
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November 2005

Here I am at 9 months old. Some of my Foto Firsts this month...

My first time sitting in a Budweiser
beer box from The Talpa
First play date with my new friend and neighbor Jessica
First time celebrating Kyle, Mama and Uncle Darin's Bdays
Not the *first* time I made a mess while eating dinner!
Definitely not my first time crying! But Daddy loves me anyways cause I'm so cute.
First time playing with rotating Legos at Grandma's house
My first Thanksgiving. I'm thankful I can crawl real fast
Hanging with my Mama
First time visiting Uncle Meg, Aunt Janice & Tina's house for Thanksgiving
Discovering the Great Outdoors
So many things to see and do. Must look at leaves. Must pull the grass. Must get there now.
For some reason, mama just started taking me outside to play!
After playing outside, I love to take a bath. I think it's A-Okay!
Cute, Cuter, Cutest Series

I Love Smiling for the Camera!

Maiya's 9-Month Blog:

Many changes for me this month. I started day care a few days a week, but then I got the croup! I am playing a lot every day, singing songs and exploring my house. I love to go in the kitchen and make a mess, then I bang all my toys. Mama thinks it's cute when I follow her from room to room. I have mastered pulling myself up, and am beginning to stand on my own two feet! I started taking baths, and playing out in the backyard. It was high time for me to start exploring new places. I'm still nursing 10-12 times a day, but I also am eating lunch and dinner. I like it when they feed me, but what I really love is when Daddy and Mama let me do it myself. I can feed myself real good, although they think I'm kinda messy. I love avocado, sweet potatoes and butternut squash cause they're easy for me to pick up and eat. .

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