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Jenni's Websites
Manzanar Committee
Japanese American Community Services

Great Leap
Aloha Mural
Cuba Journal

Jenni's Real Life Friends & Artists
Darin and Saori
Wataru's Sansei Online
Cousin Hiroko's Tenrikyo Website
Holly Near - my favorite womyn's music singer/activist Chic Street Man - toe tapping tunes of peace & diversity
Dan Kwong - Asian Am astronaut/artist/performer
Arlene Malinowski - amazing CODA/child of deaf adults
Zero3 - Traci & friends, spoken word bad asses
Visiting Violette - Love Glenn & vv! - spoof on mail-order brides
Kristina Sheryl Wong - Amazing performance artist
Nocturnal Guerrilla Tactics - Weston's agit prop art - Ryan, Buddhahead Productions
Angelyn Debord - Appalachian storyteller sista
RyukyuSoul - Yuko in Okinawa
Naomi Hirahara - Writer, Summer of the Big Bachi
Perry Miyake - Writer, 21st Century Manzanar - Sansei Organic Peach Farmer
Solburn Slow - Jerry, Spoken word from the Bay

Jenni's Blogger Friends & Good Reads

Fat Shadow
Small Hands
Mikazuko's Cafe
Lucky Kat
Mona's Blog
Raven's Blog
Bigfatmama's Journal
KateAnne - Peace, Justice and Nonviolence Blog

Organizations or issues we support
Nikkei for Civil Rights & Redress
Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership
Detroit Summer
Little Tokyo Service Center
Little Tokyo Recreation Center
Korean Immigrant Workers Advocates - support Assi workers struggle
East West Players
Visual Communications
Yoga for Youth
Global Exchange
Remove Coble Petition
Justice for Anna Guo Campaign & Petition
Code for Pink
So. Calif. Library for Social Studies & Research
Save LA Cultural Affairs Petition

Natural/Alternative Sites - Natural family living
YES! Magazine - A Journal of Positive Futures
Organic Gardening - Great tips! Old issues are best, if you can find them.
Organic Style - Some good natural products.
Vegetarian Times - Eating healthy, no meat!
Yoga Journal - magazine for yogis. - Healing the Wise Woman Way
Full Bellies Recipe Blog - meals from healthy mamas

Asian/Political Sites
Asian American Movement Ezine - Boston-based revolutionary site
ColorLines - Race, Culture, Action
Boondocks cartoon
Ja*Net - Japanese American network
AArising - da entertainment resource about APAs
Rice Bowl Journals - Asian American bloggers - Ryan's hip t-shirts, Tuesday Nites at the Cafe and more! - sorry i can't get together, i have to check to see if i got any new friends
Tish has her fridge on her site, here's mine!

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