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August 2003

August 30 - Arianna Blogs!
We have got to get people away from Arnold. Not one woman on his advisory team... talk about your old boys network. I heard on KPFK that the Washington Post wrote on August 13 about his ultra right wing conservative ties... and ties to even outspoken racist David Duke. I was really wanting to think about Bustamante. He was very helpful to the J.A. community in getting 10,000 educational kits/teaching guides/videos of "Farewell to Manzanar" in the schools. But yesterday, I was thinking about inviting Arianna to our fundraiser. So I went to Arianna Online, which then took me to AND... Arianna has a blog! How cool is that? She is campaigning on issues I believe in. I heard from Critical Resistance folks that she said that she would reduce the deficit by putting a hold on prison spending. Cut the huge raises for prison guards, and stop the construction of Delano 2! So, if the recall goes through, here's a chance for progressives to finally come together and try to get someone I can believe in. Am I dreaming?
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August 29 - I Don't Recall
I have mixed feelings about the Recall Election in California. For the record, I'm against it. I'm no fan of Gov. Davis, but I'm still freaked out about the fallout of voting for Ralph Nader, instead of Gore. Not that it mattered anyway, since the white house was STOLEN. Ahem. I think the $68 million recall is such a load of crapola started by a bunch of crybabies. If the reason is the dismal abyss called the state deficit, let's talk about the national deficit (climbing to $500 billion by next year I heard) and get Bush recalled too! But on the other hand, I always have this personal struggle about voting my beliefs vs. voting to win in terms of bi-partisan issues. I used to not buy into the lesser of two evils theory (ie., vote democrat), but I really have a hard time voting for people I don't believe in. And after seeing the whole back and forth with the arts issue in the state budget, I start thinking, oh gosh, I better vote for the dem. So, I'm definitely going to vote No on the recall. But if it goes thru, I have to think about the future.
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August 26 - Mish Mash
* I looked up in the Southeastern sky to see Mars tonight, but there's fog where we live, so no red planet tonight.
* I created a new page for my nephew Kyle's first year. He took his first steps at REI this weekend.
* I'm scared but not surprised to hear that Arnold has many ties to right wing extremists groups. He's a nightmare.
* We rented two movies, "Signs" and "Standing in the Shadows of Motown." Both were pretty good.
* Tony bought a 1972 3-speed Raleigh folding bike on Ebay, finally moving from Ebay lurker to Ebay shopper!
* I couldn't enter Comments from Netscape. Time to find a new commenting thing. Any suggestions?
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August 23 - 5 Years Wedded Bliss

Yesterday and today is me and Tony's 5 year wedding anniversary. I turned the living room into a chronological exhibit of our love, putting 70 of our love notes, stickies, cards and letters over the years on display. I took the letters and spread them across the living room floor from the kitchen to the hallway, and made a collage of notes and stickies. On Friday nite, the anniversary of our legal marriage at Senshin Buddhist Temple, we went to the Ayala's house. Tony and Mrs. Ayala spent the afternoon making chile rellenos (he's going to design a page of the 68 photos he took of the process). After dinner, we sat around the table laughing and talking with Letty and Mrs. Ayala.

Today, we went to Lindberg Park, where 5 years ago we invited 250 of our friends, family and community for a potluck picnic to celebrate our wedding. We brought sandwiches from Sorrento's, magazines and a frisbee and had a little picnic. Afterwards, we went to Little Tokyo to a fundraiser for the Judy Nishimoto Ota Youth Internship Award. Judy passed away last year after a long battle with cancer. Funds have been created to establish a youth internship for a Community Organizer at the Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation. Thomas Yee, is the first recipient. The event was organized by Judy's sister Kathy (Tony's partner teacher), and many friends. Judy's 12 year old daughter, Maria Eugenia, won the grand prize in the raffle, so fitting! Nobuko sang a few songs, we ate delicious homemade Cuban food and helped with cleanup. It was a nice way to spend our anniversary, with friends, family and community. Life with Tony, wedded bliss and community involvement.

kuidaosumi picnic at lindberg park
on their 5th wedding anniversary weekend
LTSC Organizer
Tony and Mrs. Ayala
making chile rellenos
Kathy and Maria
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August 20 - The Moon is Almost Over

Turns out I worked 75 hours last week. I knew it was a lot, but when I added it up, it was 35 hours OT in one week. Even though I still have an incredible, overwhelming amount of work to do, I've been moving very slowly this week because nothing is actually due this week (next week is another story). Spent most of the day working on getting auction items for our fundraiser in 3 weeks. Last night, I met with Martha and Sharon, who are helping me edit the Poetry Zine for Manzanar, "Pass it On, Keep it Going." Got 3 new poems over email today, one from Al Robles from SF. We hope to have it finished in the next 2 months or so.

I saw my chiropractor/healer/nutritionist/friend this morning. The good news is that the high stress, lack of sleep, and bad eating schedule didn't mess me up too badly. I'm still "balanced," although apparently wheat and sugar are slowing down my energy and making me sluggish (I would have thought it was my bad habits of the last two weeks). He asked me if the full moon affected me. Seems like everyone's talking about how this moon was so difficult for people. I don't really understand, but last week was crazy, that's for sure. The good news, he says, is that the moon is almost finished, whatever that means. Tonight, I met Maria, one of my oldest friends, at the spa in West Hollywood to use my free coupon and for our quarterly night out. Enjoyed a relaxing shiatsu massage, then had a nice relaxing dinner, chatting and catching up on our lives.
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August 17 - Teenage Memories of "Batt"
Ah, life has been so crazy lately. But yesterday, I spent the whole day at home, surfing the net, reading a magazine, taking a hot Saturday afternoon nap. Last night, I veged in front of the TV, first time in ages. Flipping the channels, I found the NEW Battle of the Network Stars. Oh my gosh. My friends and I used to go to these back at Pepperdine in Malibu... our first time was in 1979, then 1980 and 1981, I think. I remember the frantic frenzy of trying to get photos and autographs of Scott Baio (Happy Days), Willie Aames (8 is Enuf), Greg Evigan (BJ & the Bear), Gregory Harrison (Trapper John). I remember Billy Crystal when he was on Soap, and Jamie Farr when he was on MASH, Howard Cosell announcing. And who could forget, Larry Wilcox from ChiPs, one of my favorite TV men.

"Hey Maria, 'Batt' is this weekend! We gotta go! What should we wear?" The first time, I think Maria's mom drove us. Then, we turned 16 and were able to drive ourselves the next few times. "Oh my gosh. I got Scott's autograph!! I called Willie's name! He looked right at me and I took the picture!" Anyways, during the NEW, lame, Battle of the Network Stars, they showed some vintage flashbacks. Yee hee! I looked for myself and my friends in the background with my terrycloth, pale green matching tank top and short shorts set with the white piping, crazy perm, flat-chested, scrawny body, and oversized glasses. Where was I? Who was I? Remember back when i was driven by my love for TV and movie stars? My self -esteem was so low. i remember thinking no one would ever love me the way I loved those TV stars. Well, here I am 20+ years later. I feel lucky to be who I am and where I am in my life. Here's a few photos/page from my scrapbook that I just dug out from the garage:

I was the lucky one to snap Kim's pix with Scott Baio. There's me (and half of Robert Hayes (Angie/Airplane fame)) in Oct. 1979 with the pale green tanktop, ugly glasses and bad perm!
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August 16 - Funky Backgrounds
What do you think of my new background from Citrus Moon? Tish always has these great backgrounds.
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August 15 - Two Weddings, I'm Back
I'm back. I think this might be the longest time I've gone without blogging except for vacations. It has been a heck of a week. Last Friday, I worked till 1:15 am. Then Saturday, we went to Lianne and Aiki's wedding. On Sunday, we went to Beth and Brian's wedding (Beth is Tony's godsister). Tony bought some new guayabera's and looked great. Both weddings were in Palos Verdes, and were very nice, but I was so tired from the week before. I went straight to work from Beth's wedding, staying until midnight. Then Monday - Friday this week, I worked until between 1am and 3:15 am every nite. I even wrote my column, "State of the Arts: 3 Pennies Per Person." Finished 2 grant reports this week, a big grant submitted today, and had a mailout party for our 25th Anniversary fundraiser set for September 13th. I had no idea what was going on in the world. In fact, I didn't even hear about the power outage on the East Coast until 2 am this morning when Tony told me. He's been patient this week with my crazy schedule. Tomorrow's Saturday, I'm taking the day off. Then Sunday, I'll be back to work. Here's some photos from last weekend. Peace. Out.

Lianne & Aiki
Beth & Brian
Mary & Lauryn
Fran, Don & Aunt Judy
Glen & Chiae
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August 8 - Remodeling. Craziness. Remembrance.
On Monday, we had a free consultation with an interior designer. We moved into our house over 6 years ago, and haven't done anything to it. So, we are now deciding what to do with our house, redecorate, remodel? We have a whole list of things we'd like to do in every room in the house. Some are simple, doable ideas like: change the ugly chandelier that came with the house. Others are major... get a whole new kitchen. Some can happen soon, some might be on a 5-10 year plan. We'll see. We bought two magazines, Home and Remodeling. Now, we just have to prioritize.

The rest of the week has been all about work. Crazy. Tuesday, I worked till 8:30 pm, then drove home in 20 minutes in time for a 9pm meeting at home with Martha and Sharon to plan for the Manzanar Poetry Zine they're helping me put together. Wednesday, worked from 11 am to 10:30 pm, and Thursday, worked from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm. Thursday, I got a lot accomplished and feel good. I gotta get on a better dinner cycle though, fast food dinners at 11:45 pm, blech!

I'm so busy with my own life, I completely forgot that 8/6 was the 58th anniversary since Hiroshima was bombed, until Tish reminded me. PLUG: On Friday night/Saturday morning on KPFK 90.7 between 1am and 3 am, the Aziatik Rhythmz show will have a special remembrance of the bombing in Hiroshima. Kaz Suyeishi, one of the Hiroshima bomb survivors will be interviewed. Also, my friend, Ken Koshio will perform. Ken is a singer from Japan (AKA the Japanese Bob Dylan), who crossed the country singing and gathering 10,000 origami paper cranes, from LA to NY via Route 66, and delivered them to Ground Zero in Manhattan. In remembrance. Peace. Out.
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August 7 - Hit Record
I can't believe it! I got 35 hits in one day! I remember when I used to get 35 visitors a week. Cool, a new record.
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August 3 - Giddy with Excitement

So, I blogged last month about how I didn't plant a garden this year, and yet I had these wild plants growing in my garden plot and they turned out to be canteloupes (I have a habit of burying my fruit and veggie kitchen scraps or throwing them in the composter, then mixing the compost in my garden). Here is one of them a month ago when I thought it was watermelon. Well, yesterday I picked two of them up to check for new snails (my slimeball enemies), and they just slid easily off the vine and into my hand. It was unexpected. I was giddy! I ran into the house yelling, "Tony Tony, I got my melons!" Then, "Hey, where are you?" He was in the bathroom, going about his business, so I opened the door a few inches, stuck them through the door and said, "Look! Yee hee hee! " Needless to say, he was very proud, but I jammed on out of there quickly. Sorry, that was probably TMI, but I had to share my excitement of the day with the man I love and now, I'm sharing it with you!
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August 2 - Updates & Archives
Just put up photos from Bombu Taiko's debut from last weekend. Archived the July Blogs, added a new Quote of the Month, did the Photo of the Month and put up a pix of my fridge on the Community links page. Show me your fridge and maybe I'll create a fridge page. I'm so happy for Yam. As an update, the Governor will sign the budget this weekend, passed by the state legislature on Tuesday nite. The California Arts Council budget has been reduced by $30 mil in the last 2 years. Next year's budget will be $1 million from the state. That's less than 2.7 cents per person for next year. All money for grants programs are gone. Please support your favorite arts organization. They're going to need it.
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August 1 - Reluctantly into August
So July wasn't my best month. I was grumpy and stressed. Normally, August is always my high pressure month at work. In previous years, I have worked 21 days straight without a day off, and one year I even worked 300 hours in August (regular full time is about 173 hours a month). But this year, the stress started in July. I didn't come anywhere near my record hours, but I realize I can't handle the same amount of stress that I used to, nor do I want to. At work, we have 2 major grants (I'm not writing them this year, but I'm still pretty heavily involved), I have 4 grant reports (don't take long to do, but take forever to get to). I am working daily on our fundraiser in September (getting auction items, an invitation list, doing an invitation). We are trying to finish a newsletter and a brochure in the next 3 weeks. I am working with an intern and a new employee and we are involved in a strategic planning process. I got into an argument with a woman today who pushed my buttons to the limit. And I can pretty much get along with anybody.

I just don't have the stamina I used to have. I am a bit older, more tired, less patient, a little worn out. But, compared to this time last year, when I worried whether or not my organization would make it to its 25th year (this year), things are really good. We have a full staff of 6 people. We have programs that are developing. We have hundreds of folks who support the great work we are doing. We have money in the bank (for once). And now, I am spending umpteen hours a week at home on the internet, blogging, updating multiple websites. So, I am feeling weary about the stress of August which has been looming upon me all month. Sigh. But again, I feel healthier than I have in a long time. So I can't complain. Hope I can keep my energy up for August.
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