Freedom Begins Now
by Tony Osumi

Things would be funny
viva this
kicking ass and watching the Man run
viva that
But he’s baaad
the People
real bad
are the makers
and he don’t mess around
of history
But neither do the People
all Power
when they put their minds to it
Right on
Brothers and Sisters
better believe it
We the People
can do anything
will never
May take some time
be defeated
Because fear/fire/deceit and self-hatred
slow/scare/silence and bring us down
But we know
si se puede
love is patient
truth constant
and freedom...

Well, freedom begins now

Published in "The World Is Yours" Zine in April 1997.
It was written in the early 90s. It is, and has always been one of my favorites.
- Jenni Kuida

Updated: 8/17/02

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