Asian Woman Sister Mother Lover
by Tony Osumi

you are experienced
off the boat and into the fields
speaker of truths
maker of herstory
brothers, we didn’t get here alone

asian woman rejoice
you are it
representing us all
the global woman
and apart
we are beautiful

go asian woman
teach that bull horn
write that article
lead that rally
spread the word
touch another
and another and another...
asian woman let’s eat rice
rinsed till clear
measured by eye and feel
boiled with sweat
the tapping of hashi
passed on from our mother’s mother
and beyond

let’s make love asian woman
body warm from commitment
excited with talk of revolution
embraced when setback
loving is moving forward
loving others--radical
loving ourselves--liberating

asian woman
let’s make love and eat rice
like we have since we touched earth
you and me
young and old
side by side
daring to struggle

Published in "The World is Yours" Zine, Issue #1, 1996

Updated: 8/17/02

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