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education articles

Teamwork and People Power: Liberatory Teaching in the Elementary Classroom
(Amerasia Journal, October 2003)
Making Murals, Making History: A Mural Making Guide for K-12 Teachers
Making A Child-Centered Asian American and Latino Cultural History Museum

stories, fables, satires and articles

Listen to Your Elders: Save the South Central Farm
Feast of Resistance
The Spirit of Gambattesan
Heroes Like Ourselves
Talk Story with 120 Year Old Grapefruit Tree
A Little Tokyo Bully Learns a Lesson
Asian American Scrabble
American Dream Pie
New Otani Hotel: Three Headed Monster
Community Restructuring: Camps 1995
Yellow Power Lemonade
The China Meshi Manifesto


6 Poems for Kindergarteners
--Kids of the World
--Little Seed
--People of the World
--I am the People
--This Gray City
--All Power to the Fish

China Meshi Dreams
Issei Judo Man
Ode to the Unknown Gardener
Issei Spirits
Los Angeles Nikkei
What Will Asian America Eat After the Revolution?
A Fearless Passing
Asian America--We Were There
Freedom Begins Now
Asian Woman Sister Mother Lover
Sardines and Crackers
Love at First Sound
the one, the one
The Orange (Published in "On A Bed of Rice" Asian American Erotica)


"101 Ways to Tell if You're Japanese American" with Jenni Emiko Kuida, 3/23/96
More Ways to Tell if You're JA with Jenni Emiko Kuida, 5/3/96
NCRR Statement at 9/11 Press Conference
Letter to Arnold re: Kevin

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