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Jenni Says:

When I was in the 4th grade, I wrote in my autobiography that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. But my vision of a writer was someone who stayed home full time and made a living writing books. Or at least someone who got paid for writing. That wasn't me.

But in 1995, I met Tony who I had long-admired as a poet, writer and activist from reading his writings in The Rafu Shimpo. When I complained about some injustice or another, he would say, "Baby, you should write about it." But I wasn't a writer, I insisted. But Tony can be very persuasive.

I tentatively wrote my first article drawing similarities between the Thai Garment Workers who were enslaved in El Monte, and Seabrook Farms where my grandparents worked after WW2. To my surprise, the Rafu published the article. Tony bought 10 copies for me.

In 1996, I joined the "Through the Fire" column at the Rafu, and have been writing a quarterly column ever since. I found that I have a lot to say. I often write to educate about an issue, or plug some event or organization that I'm involved in.

Eight years later, I am still writing. I may not write the column forever, but until we live in a world of peace, free from racism and oppression, I will always have something to write about.

All articles and stories are copyrighted. If you would like to reprint or publish, email me.

2005-06 articles

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2004 articles

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2003 articles

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2002 articles

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Bringing Obon to Motown 7/17/02
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2001 articles

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2000 articles
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1999 articles
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1998 articles
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1997 articles
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Go Warriors Go?
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1995-1996 articles
Justice Now, Redress Now, for Japanese Latin Americans
Camp Pilgrimages and the 4th of July
Asian Princess Wanted... NOT!
Seabrook Farms 1945... Thai Garment Workers 1995
101 Ways to Tell if You're Japanese American with Tony Osumi
"More Ways to Tell if You're JA " with Tony Osumi, 5/3/96

Short story
Mitsugi's Christmas

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