My Best Friends' Weddings

Lisa Group
Lisa & Jay and group
Descanso Gardens
Kaz & Chris
Lisa and Jay
September 1998
Kaz & Jenni
Doug & Mary
Kaz & Jenni, Napa Valley
Kaz & Chris' Wedding
September 1999
Lily & Kent
Mary & Doug
Villa Montalvo
August 2000
Group at Lily's Wedding
Lily & Kent
June 18, 2000
Lisa, Lily & Jenni
Best Friends' Weddings: "I remember back in 1995, me, Lisa, Kaz, Lily and Mary all found ourselves single at the same time. Since then, we've all gotten married. Lisa & Jay got married at Descanso Gardens in a Buddhist-Jewish ceremony in September 1998. Kaz & Chris got married in Napa Valley in September 1999. Lily & Kent got hitched at the Fullerton Arboretum on June 18, 2000. Mary & Doug got married at Villa Montalvo near San Jose in August 2000. Friends and Family: So, friends became relatives when Mary & Kaz married cousins Doug & Chris. Again, when Lily married Lisa's brother, Kent. " - Jenni

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