Visiting Tony's Family in Moses Lakes 1999

Tony and Jenni drove up to Moses Lake in September 1999. They spent the first night in Carson City, Nevada, second night in Bend, Oregon, and accidentally drove towards Idaho (oops).
It was Jenni's first trip to Moses Lake.

Midori's Farm and Garden
Midori's Farm and Garden
Jenni with Auntie's Midori & Aiko
Gloria, Midori, Aiko & Tony
at Chi and Aiko's for Dinner
Loading Group
Aiko, Jenni, Irene, Kiyo & Midori
at Kiyo's House
Three Gen
Midori, Tony, Aiko, Chi & Jenni say goodbye at Chi and Aiko's house. Midori's house is across the street.
Three Generations
Jenny, Tammy and Aiko.
Follow the Family Tree: Auntie Aiko is Tony's Grandpa Yoshio's only living sister. Yoshio's brothers, Fred and Ned were also farmers. Auntie Midori was married to Uncle Fred, who passed away in February 1998. Auntie Kiyo was married to Ned. Next Gen: Gloria is Midori's daughter. Irene is Kiyo's daughter. Tammy is Aiko's daughter. Jenny is Tammy's daughter.

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