Seigi Tamale-Making Party

These photos are from a tamale making party that we hosted at our house in December 1998. We invited NCRR-Seigi (which means "justice" in Japanese) members, as well as NCRR members.

PREP TEAM: Ayako, Glen and Jenni start by cleaning the husks
Tony mixes the masa
Haru, Tony & Brian, spread the masa, form and fold the tamales
Mary Kay, Ayako, and Kathy
do the same
Voila! The tamales are steamed, let's eat! Then we'll meet.
Yes, the food was great. Not a bad first attempt. A little salty, but everyone had fun, working together. I will never complain about the price of tamales again. They are very labor intensive. Later, a bunch more people came for the meeting. As always, there was plenty of food.

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