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January 2003
Tony and other NCRR members Kathy, Evelyn, Kay, Kimi, Suzy & June spent Friday, January 10th at the downtown Federal Building as Human Rights Monitors for the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Volunteer monitors did pre- and post-registration interviews to ensure that Middle Eastern immigrant men are not mistreated or detained by the INS. Last month close to 1500 Iranian Americans were detained by the INS. More from MPAC's photo album.
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If I only had a heart...
If I only had a brain.
Laura, Mike and Tony at a magazine stand off of Fairfax, close to Canter's Deli.
My Two Nephews
Darin and Kyle (3 1/2 mos)
Gayle and Kieth (21 mos)
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okazaki family massage train
kuidaosumi in hawai'i
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kuidaosumi help revitalize Detroit's Chinatown
wild canteloupe from our garden
kuidaosumi @ Lianne & Aiki's wedding in PV
kuidaosumi upclose at the gl fundraiser
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nobuko and sacred moon song singers at Senshin
kuidaosumi wear blacklava
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