Jenni & Tony's First Oshogatsu
New Year's 2001

Osumi's Kuida's
Fran, Don, Danika & Chonie
Osumi's: Meg, Janice, Bill, Tina,
JR, Hitoshi, Larry
Kuida's: Keiko, Gayle, Darin, Sao, Walt, Machi
Hanging Around
Friends Friends
Ayala's: Amy, Hector, Grandma, Juana, Francisco
Alyssa, Jung Eun, Glen
Friends Friends
Lily & Kent
Beth, Val, Erin & Brian
In 2001, Tony and Jenni did their first Oshogatsu together at their home.
Over 40 friends and family stopped by. Many people brought stuff to eat and helped (thanks Mike & Laura). Some of the dishes we served: sushi hand rolls, inari sushi, chirashi, ozoni soup, shoyu chicken, veggie chow mein, veggie pad thai, tamales, baked potatoes, shrimp cocktail, mac n cheese, jello, green beans/goma, edamame, cranberry/feta salad, deviled eggs, etc. It was a lot of work. Our house has never been so clean. What a great way to start the New Year.
Oshogatsu 2003

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