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Wedding Plans: In February 1998, we announced that we'd be getting married in August, and that we would be having a community potluck picnic in Culver City. We were practically the first of our groups of friends to get married, and Jenni was the first in the family to get married. Because of Jenni's work schedule, we really didn't get a chance to plan our wedding before mid-July. We were getting a little freaked out because nothing was planned, but Jenni had planned company picnics before, so we got together a group of friends to help us put the wedding together in about 3 weeks. We got wedding rings the first of August, at the same time we were designing the invitations.

These photos were taken about 3 weeks before our wedding. This was the first of several picnic planning meetings. We even had an agenda! Saori designed our wedding zine, invitation and favors. Everyone helped stuff and fold the invitations. Glen and Ayako organized a crew of folks to fold 1,000 cranes, and designed a beautiful hanging arrangement of the cranes.

Budget Wedding: We didn't want a fancy hotel wedding that cost $50,000. Our entire wedding cost about $2200, including our clothes, rings, invitations, photo processing, pre-wedding dinners, thank you cards, orei, etc. We had put on the invitation "no gifts." But our friends generously provided everything, including photography, catering trays, ice, paper goods, balloons, graphic design, decorations, etc. We borrowed picnic party games, easy-up tents, serving tables, and our friends really helped pull the entire wedding together. Our guests brought food instead of gifts, and we had a great time.

Picnic Planning Committee: Jenni & Tony, Maria, Ayako, Kaz, Mary, Glen, Gayle, Darin, Saori, Quynh-Anh, Lisa & Jay, Lily & Kent

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