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Family & Friends Photo Album

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Nephew Kieth Pix
Tony at Aloha Mural and other murals
Tony and his dad
Jenni & Tony in Cuba

Jenni and Tony's Wedding Picnic
Kyle's Photos
Oshogatsu with Fran, Don, Danika, Chonie
Bombu Taiko
Maiya's Photo Album

Photo of the Month 2005
Photo of the Month 2004
Photo of the Month 2003

Maiya's Photo Album

Jenni & Tony's Wedding
Wedding Planning
Senshin Ceremony
Jewish Ceremony
Picnic Fun
Group Photos

Jenni's Family
Kuida Family 1930s-1940s

Gayle & Lee's Wedding
Darin & Sao's Wedding
Kieth's First Day
Kieth at Six Months
Kieth's First Birthday
Kieth's 18 Months
Kyle's First Day
Kyle's First Year

Tony's Family
Danika's 11th Birthday Party 2002
Fishing with Osumi's - October 2002
Passover at kuidaosumi's 2002
Moses Lake Trip - Sept. 1999
Hanukkah at Fran & Don's 1998
Tony's Kid Pix

Friends and Gatherings
Best Friends' Weddings 1997-2000
Seigi Tamale-Making Party 1998
New Year's Oshogatsu 2001
Hector's New Puppies 2002
Christmas Eve with the Ayala's 2002
Christmas (Part 1) 2002
Christmas (Part 2) 2002
New Year's Oshogatsu - 2003
no war in iraq - 1.11.03
no war in iraq - 3.15.03
Bill Sturgeon's Vacation - June 2003
Bombu Taiko's Debut - July 2003
Bombu Taiko@ jvp - Dec. 2003
Christmas 2003

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